LinguaMites Multilingual Preschool 

What is it about the school that you love? SO MUCH!Backed by years research and development our LinguaMites Trilingual pre-school model is the first of it’s kind in South Africa!

LinguaMites is not a language programme, it is a typical pre-school for children 1-5yrs in three languages, where the children spend time in all three languages every day (Chinese, English and isiZulu).

Our students learn these languages through consistent and deliberate teaching methods and lots and lots of fun, in addition to learning all the other skills required in a pre-school education – fine and gross motor skills, social development, and foundational teaching in number, shape and colour which is the beginnings of reading.

Our small classes (maximum of 8 per class) are taught by qualified and experienced teachers who are also native speakers of the different languages.

LinguaMites is a quality preschool based on Christian principles and values, while teaching children to respect and accept diversity in culture and faith.

Our uniquely developed curriculum places a strong emphasis on culture, and the children enjoy learning through culturally relevant songs, games and stories.

This sensitivity to diversity and adaptability in different settings will ensure a successful future for all LinguaMites children.

Please note that we are a half-day preschool (07:00-12:30) with aftercare available only until 15h30. In-house transport also available at an additional cost to parents. Please download our info below for more details regarding out 2019 fees and schedule.

We love the small classes, the amazing way all the teachers know our daughter and the amount of outside play time they get at school…just to name a few! Thank you for all you do for our girl! We can’t imagine her being at any other school!

Lindsey Moyo

School is a very warm and encouraging environment. The staff and teachers are fantastic and really care about the kids. The teachers go to so much effort to prepare different things and expose them to different topics. LinguaMites is a very special place!

Kerith Kieser

We love everything about this school! The free play, the participation, the fact that parents can ask for advice, the love we all experience at school. The staff always ask how you are, and want to know whats going on in your life. I find a lot of encouragement at LinguaMites

Retha Buys

Our approach

We believe that all children have the ability to learn new languages in the early years and that we need to maximize this potential by exposing them to languages when they are young.

We also believe that language cannot be taught in isolation and so everything we do is activity-based so that language is learnt as part of life. We create a necessity to communicate and learn in very specific environments and using fun-filled activities.