We are committed to raising a generation of South African children that are able to speak more than one language. We do this through various initiatives including the first trilingual preschool in South Africa based in Ferndale Gauteng (Chinese, English and isiZulu) for 2-5yr olds,  Caregiver training for domestic workers to become Zulu Home Tutors, Activity-based Afternoon Programmes in isiZulu that focuses on children 3-6yrs, and Teacher Training and Professional Development for specifically isiZulu teachers. We endeavour to be a resource to parents and schools who think learning languages in the early years is important.

Our approach

We believe that all children have the ability to learn new languages in the early years and that we need to maximize this potential by exposing them to languages when they are young. We also believe that language cannot be taught in isolation and so everything we do is activity-based so that language is learnt as part of life. We create a necessity to communicate and learn in very specific environments and using fun-filled activities.