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1310, 2016

Benefits of Family Learning

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Families are a wondrous thing – they are all unique, a safe space for growing and experiencing life’s major lessons, full of love, forgiveness and the chaos of life, and littered with special moments of real connection and joy. I sincerely believe that families, not schools, are where you learn your most important lessons, and that we should be leveraging the family unit more in a child’s learning process. This is especially evident when it comes to learning languages. We believe that the context of family provides the best environment for learning to take place, because in our experience, kids […]

310, 2016

What Parents are saying about us and the way we do things!

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ZuluMites Activity Programmes

Zulumites has provided my children with a wonderfully relaxed and fun environment in which to pick up the Zulu language. The lessons are structured, but he children feel like they are playing! A perfect environment for learning! The small class has ensured that they get attention in pronunciation and that the conversation amongst the children doesn’t lapse into English.

Having started with a very small Zulu  word vocab,  they now know 50 plus words and understand a great deal more, after just 6 classes! They continually surprise me with new words and are even trying to string words together!

The […]