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911, 2015

Our Story on Ebiz Radio

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To hear more about our story, and our unique model, please go here.

2008, 2015

10 Things that set us apart

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LinguaMites is the first trilingual preschool in South Africa, offering quality preschool education to children ages 1-5yrs in Chinese, English and isiZulu everyday. While that in itself makes us really different (as different as you can get some might say) there are in fact other reasons why we’re so unique. In this article we’d like to unpack 10 reasons that make LinguaMites Multilingual Education so special:


Everything we do at LinguaMites is based on the belief that language is part of life and cannot be separate into a ‘language programme’ devoid of meaning, necessity or usefulness. We also believe, and […]

806, 2015

Mandela’s Legacy at LinguaMites

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The very DNA of our school is unique in how it brings together three completely different languages and cultures, and immerses children in all three on a daily basis. It is no secret that LinguaMites students are adaptable and comfortable moving across cultural and language barriers, and research on this very issue shows that as adults these children are more culturally sensitive, confident and adaptable human beings; able to embrace the changes of an ever-changing future world of work. We don’t stop there though. Not only do we embrace diversity throughout our day with different foods, festivals, etiquette and music […]

305, 2015

Mandarin Chinese in SA schools

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On March 20th 2015, the South African department of Education announced that Mandarin Chinese would now be on offer in schools as an additional subject. This announcement was met with mixed emotions across the country with many highlighting that with an already crumbling education system, adding what is an extremely difficult language to the curriculum seemed insane. Social media was abuzz with these and other questions, and we were intrigued at the emotive responses by many South Africans.

Many responses seemed to overlook the fact that Chinese will not become a replacement subject, but rather an option in some South African […]

2304, 2015


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502, 2015

Should your toddler learn another language?

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This was an article I wrote for the Milestones magazine February 2015 issue on the many benefits of multilingualism.

Many people lament the fact that they never learnt a second or third language when they were younger. The benefits of being able to speak isiZulu, French or Chinese are often apparent only once we are older and wiser. However, beyond the ability to speak another person’s language, learning an additional language in the developmental years has undisputed cognitive and social benefits too, that might just be the best start you can give your child.

It is well researched and documented that young […]

1811, 2014

Changing Lives – Testimonies from our Caregivers

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We stumbled into this programme almost by accident. Roughly 15 months ago we identified the need to provide South African families with resources and tools to raise bilingual children (English and isiZulu) and felt that the unique relationship between a caregiver and the children in her care was the perfect channel to do this effectively. Just 13 months later, training an average of 18 ladies per month from around Johannesburg, we’ve been most touched by the difference that the LinguaMites -BrainBoosters programme is making in people’s lives. Not only are these parents happy to see their children speaking an African […]

511, 2014

Reservations about a Trilingual Pre-school?

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As the trilingual preschool model is still a unique one, we field many questions from parents and others in education around how and why we do what we do. However, over the course of the last 18 months since we first launched in Douglasdale, 3 important questions have emerged as main concerns, and so I have long wanted to address these questions on this platform in an attempt to make a case for our Chinese, English and isiZulu trilingual model. My hope is that by comprehensively addressing the fears and concerns highlighted by a number of potential parents, we can […]

1507, 2014

Breaking the Cycle

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People often ask me why we started our trilingual school, and while I could list a page full of the reasons, top of that list would undoubtedly be for our own children. It’s the education I wanted to give my own kids.

I really want my South African children to speak Zulu. I want my sons and daughter to grow up understanding what is being said around them. I have lived in South Africa most of my life and I still walk around in a bubble of oblivion when I am at the shops, the petrol station or in a queue. […]

2201, 2014

Don’t Deny Your Children Their Inheritance

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Your mother tongue is a blessing; it is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that it is passed down to the next generation.

My great, great, grandfather arrived in Africa to start a new life. English was the language of the new land that Cecil Rhodes had claimed for the Queen of England and so Harold Zimmerman forsook his native German in favour of the Queen’s English. He spoke to my great grandmother in heavily accented, broken English and so the cultural inheritance that was to be my grandmother’s, my mother’s and possible mine too, was lost. Had I […]