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2507, 2017

Choosing which language to learn and other hard questions

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I’m going to assume that you believe in the benefits of growing up in more than one language: I am going to pretend you already know the enormous value of improving memory, creativity, problem solving, cognitive reasoning and executive functioning.

I am going to assume that you do not want your child to be blind to the social differences of other cultures and languages, that you believe in raising them to embrace diversity and want them to be adaptable, culturally sensitive little people.


That being said, even if we can all agree on the value and importance of raising a child in […]

607, 2017

Compelling research and the benefits of multilingualism

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We are a monolingual family speaking only English in our home, however, having travelled extensively and lived abroad for many years we have seen first-hand the unique benefits that multilingual people have, particularly the children of multilingual families, and desperately wanted that for our own children.

Inspired by a book called ‘Growing Up In Three Languages’ written by Dr Wang Xiaolei, a Chinese linguist married to a Swiss French man and living in USA – we have followed the principals she lays out in the development of her own children’s language abilities, and endeavoured to create an environment (and people) where […]

604, 2017

How Parents can assist with isiZulu Learning

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Motivation for learning any language and specifically isiZulu is unique to every family; but in the South African context, we can all agree on the vast social, cultural, historical and practical benefits to speaking this language. isiZulu is spoken by more than 20% of South Africa as a first language and by more than half the country as a second language. Given these statistics, it’s staggering that so little attention has been given to how isiZulu is taught and learnt. There are cognitive benefits to learning additional languages that include memory, creativity, and problem solving. Research also supports that children […]

903, 2017

Conversational? Really?

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“I just want to be conversational” is a phrase we hear a lot when it comes to language learning. The just in this sentence implies that to get conversational is easy, and requires a shorter time commitment. But I want you to know there is no logic to this statement, nor is there any truth to the premise that conversational language is somehow easier than other language. Language is conversations: many, many conversations, about a range of topics, with a range of people over different settings, and time frames. Conversation is language, and to become ‘conversational’ is to become fluent.

A […]

2311, 2016

Why choose (Mandarin) Chinese?

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By far one of the most common questions we get asked when people find out our children are learning (Mandarin) Chinese at preschool, is ‘why?’ It seems to be one of the many polarizing subjects in our country at the moment, one group of people firmly planted in the anti-China camp, and the other – pro. People on both sides of the aisle got involved in heated debate following the announcement on March 20th 2015 by the South African department of Education that Mandarin would now be on offer in schools as an additional subject. It’s important to note here […]

1310, 2016

Benefits of Family Learning

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Families are a wondrous thing – they are all unique, a safe space for growing and experiencing life’s major lessons, full of love, forgiveness and the chaos of life, and littered with special moments of real connection and joy. I sincerely believe that families, not schools, are where you learn your most important lessons, and that we should be leveraging the family unit more in a child’s learning process. This is especially evident when it comes to learning languages. We believe that the context of family provides the best environment for learning to take place, because in our experience, kids […]

310, 2016

What Parents are saying about us and the way we do things!

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ZuluMites Activity Programmes

Zulumites has provided my children with a wonderfully relaxed and fun environment in which to pick up the Zulu language. The lessons are structured, but he children feel like they are playing! A perfect environment for learning! The small class has ensured that they get attention in pronunciation and that the conversation amongst the children doesn’t lapse into English.

Having started with a very small Zulu  word vocab,  they now know 50 plus words and understand a great deal more, after just 6 classes! They continually surprise me with new words and are even trying to string words together!

The […]

709, 2016

Making isiZulu Important

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We all know that there is great value in ensuring our children grow up speaking isiZulu. Schools know it, families know it, yet why are we not getting this right?


We run many programmes and services that encourage families and young children to learn isiZulu in a fun, engaging, and memorable way. We’ve researched how people learn language, studied models form multilingual countries where they are getting it right, and over the last 3 years we have tweaked our own methodology; and from this research and experience we can sum up a few of the reasons why South Africans are not […]

509, 2016

Meet the Team

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Check out how awesome we are!


2302, 2016

Helping schools with second-language kids

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I’ve been called on recently by a preschool in Johannesburg to assist with the growing number of Chinese nationals now filling this upmarket Sandton School; resulting in discipline issues and constant disruptions from these children who do not yet understand English commands and instructions. It immediately got me thinking about the scores of children entering preschools or even primary schools every year, with little to no English proficiency. This is a common problem in our country and not one dealt with effectively because of the many myths and misconceptions about second/multiple language learning.

The rules of learning a language apply whether […]