ZuluMites Activity Programmes

Zulumites has provided my children with a wonderfully relaxed and fun environment in which to pick up the Zulu language. The lessons are structured, but he children feel like they are playing! A perfect environment for learning! The small class has ensured that they get attention in pronunciation and that the conversation amongst the children doesn’t lapse into English.

Having started with a very small Zulu  word vocab,  they now know 50 plus words and understand a great deal more, after just 6 classes! They continually surprise me with new words and are even trying to string words together!

The method of submersing them for an hour twice a week is definitely showing great results and as a mother is very rewarding to see.

Sue Ochse, 2015

LinguaMites Preschool Testimonials

“We love the special care of each teacher, small class, very special children, twinkle tumblers, and exposure to different languages” – Nicole Healy, LinguaMites Preschool Parent 2016

“We love the personal touch to your school is so special. From the thoughtful and different events, to the close teaching conditions between teachers and kids. We appreciate everything about the school and how it’s run” – Bronwyn Plantinga, 2016

What is it about the school that you love? SO MUCH! We love the small classes, the amazing way all the teachers know our daughter and the amount of outside play time they get at school…just to name a few! Thank you for all you do for our girl! We can’t imagine her being at any other school!” – Lindsey Moyo, 2016

“We love the loving, nurturing, friendly, family-type environment. The fact that our daughter is loving all three languages and sings enthusiastically in all three. The fun approach to learning, where the focus is not on achieving a tick list, but engaging activities. The staff have a great understanding of our daughter, accepting who she is and recognizing her age in her development” – Katy Mthethwa 2016

“We love everything about this school! The free play, the participation, the fact that parents can ask for advice, the love we all experience at school. The staff always ask how you are, and want to know whats going on in your life. I find a lot of encouragement at LinguaMites” – Retha Buys 2016

ZuluMites Caregiver Training Testimonials

“Our nanny Thoko has been attending the Caregiver training with ZuluMites for the past year or so. It is one of the best investments we have made in both Thoko and our daughter Lucy. The course has given Thoko the confidence, tools and training to teach Lucy isiZulu. The results have been remarkable – Lucy at two can understand and speak isiZulu. We believe it really helped starting early, from before Lucy was one (although it’s never too late to start!). We have supported the process by supplementing the material provided by ZuluMites by purchasing isiZulu books and having cultural days at home – all ideas encouraged by ZuluMites. We would highly recommend the course to other parents who are passionate about our rainbow nation and appreciate the value of learning multiple languages from a young age.” – Catharine Solik, 2017

“This is an incredibly valuable programme. My son has not only learnt a second language, but also about culture, respect and the value of differences – all through play. The activities and materials are well designed and practical. We have so much fun together learning new songs and words (although he is well ahead of me here!) I recommend this program to all parents that would like to raise multilingual children!” – Kerith Kieser, 2016

“Lindi and the kids have loved being on the programme, and it is wonderful to see the kids understanding and beginning to say some of the common isiZulu phrases. The resources have been amazing and Daniel in particular is always excited to see what Lindi has brought back from her school for them!” – Catherine Martin, 2015

“I feel this program has been hugely beneficial to my boys. Jonty and Calvin both understand nearly everything Maria says. I feel an extra bonus to this service was that it has given Maria and Jonty a special bond, and Maria feels she now plays a critical part in their lives which is what I would like her to feel.” – Kirsten French, 2015