Teacher Training

We aim to support Teachers and Pre-Schools who want to create compelling, effective language-learning environments, specifically in isiZulu.

There is virtually no professional development for isiZulu language teachers specifically who want to add to their credentials and become effective tutors for the children in their classroom. ZuluMites is committed to developing a new brand of language teacher, one who is both proud of her language, and committed to passing it on to the next generation in innovative and practical activity-based settings. We have also developed a play-based curriculum that we believe revolutionises the way isiZulu has been taught to date, with additional online resources available soon!

There is a growing demand for good Zulu teachers throughout the country, which provides an awesome career opportunity for individuals who would like to get into a niche market.

Are you a teacher, or wanna-be Zulu Teacher looking for ways to develop in your skills?

Are you a pre-school who would like to incorporate a Zulu aspect to your school day?

We have a reputable Professional Development programme that runs throughout the year, and Schools and Teachers can contact us for more information or download our 2018 workshops dates here: ZULUMITES TEACHER TRAINING INFO 2018