Why isiZulu


Why isiZulu?

When it comes to choosing which African language your child should learn it would be wise to consider that isiZulu is spoken as a first language by over 20% of South Africa’s population and is the most widely spoken second language in the country. From a language perspective, isiZulu is a Bantu language, a family of related languages that stretch as far north as the equator. A good foundation in a Bantu language will be valuable to any child living in Sub-Saharan Africa. From a social perspective, the historical segregation of racial groups in South Africa has resulted in a lack of interaction between people groups, particularly between white and black. This is an enormous obstacle to the development of our nation in terms of the economy, education, sport, the arts, and most critically, our society. The ZuluMites programme breaks down such barriers by embracing the Zulu language and culture, allowing the next generation to understand and respect each other in ways that have not been possible before.

New laws in Education have also enforced that every child in South Africa will need to learn an African language from Grade R to matric. We believe that a strong foundation in isiZulu in the formative years will be a great benefit in your child being successful in the language throughout their school career.