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Develop the Perfect isiZulu Language Tutor in your own Home

We believe that most parents in South Africa are overlooking a valuable opportunity to expose their children to more than one language. Even if you only speak one language in your home, most families already have someone in their house who is a native speaker of another language. Just by insisting that your domestic worker/nanny speaks to your child exclusively in their native language could mean that your child reaps both the cognitive benefits of bilingualism, and becomes fluent in an African language before they reach Primary School!

But caregivers in our homes need to be given the training and resources to do this effectively, simply asking them to speak isiZulu is not enough and there are fundamental skills that must be taught for this approach to be effective.

It is for that reason that ZuluMites has developed a unique Monthly Caregiver Training programme that teaches your child’s nanny to work with your child at their developmental age, while introducing important isiZulu concepts. Our resources are tailor made and our training is practical; so if you have a child between the age of 0-6 years, with a loyal helper who is in your home that has a great relationship with your child(ren) – then sending them to the monthly ZuluMites Training is a way to ensure that the time they spend with your child is maximised in every possible way.

This monthly training is currently available at venues in Fourways, Randburg, Parkview and Sandton. View details ZM CAREGIVER 2018 INFO or listen to this radio broadcast explaining how the programme came about.

Reviews from Parents on the Caregiver training:

We have definitely seen an improvement with Matthew utilising the BrainBooster’s resources. He works with the items every day and screeches with delight when pointing at the flash cards to identify a ball or a boy – shouting out the correct name in Zulu. It makes a parent feel so proud and delighted to see how he has developed. It is definitely rewarding to see that the Caregivers’ course is money well spent.
– Nicky Isemonger, 2013

I sent my daughter’s nanny to the Zulu Caregiver training offered by Linguamites as I wanted her to speak to my daughter only in Zulu and I kept hearing her switch back to English. As a result of what she learned at the training Lizzie became consistent in her use of Zulu at home with my daughter and at the age of 2 she understands both fluent English and Zulu (I’ve watched her act out multi part instructions from her nanny on many occasions).
Every month I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the Brain Boosters teaching material that is sent home with caregivers to use with the kids at home – it includes educational toys pertaining to a theme, books or flipcharts, posters and more. The total package is fantastic value and I’m really pleased both my daughter and her caregiver have benefited from the training
– Hayley Parry, 2014

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